Chili Pepper XC 10K

Today I’m headed to Fayetteville for the 20th annual Chili Pepper XC race. This race has been on my to-do list for years. You just don’t see a lot of cross country races for adults. Even though I’ve been in Arkansas for over a year, this is actually my first time to go to Fayetteville! I’m looking forward to checking out the town and eating some good food! More to come…

My first post!

I have been wanting to start blogging for some time now. So, here goes! I am a thirty-something living in Arkansas. My passion is running. I would like to share my running experiences about racing and training, so I thought a blog would be a good place to do that. The thing I love almost as much as running is food. I’m sure my husband is tired of me emailing him about recipes and restaurants that I want to try, so I thought this would be a good outlet for that, too. I hope you enjoy it!

This weekend, we will be traveling to Leadville, CO to do the Leadville 100 training camp. Note…I said training CAMP! I have no desire to actually do the 100-mile race. But, the camp is open to anyone and it is a great opportunity to train in the mountains. This will be the 5th or 6th time I’ve attended. I love Leadville because it is not a big ski resort town. It is quaint and beautiful. Life there is centered mostly around ultra-running and mountain biking in the summer. So, as a runner, I’m in good company. In fact, a runner friend of mine recently bought a house there, so we will be staying with her. The camp consists of 3 days of running on the Leadville 100 course. The first day is about 26 miles. The second day is an out-and-back run up and over Hope Pass. If you do the entire thing, it’s 20 miles. Sometimes I only go to the top and back. It depends on how I feel that day or, I guess I should say how I feel that year. Anyways, the last day is a night run starting at about 9:00PM. We run the last 15 miles of the course finishing in town. This is my favorite run! I love running in total darkness with nothing but a headlamp. Plus, at the finish, the event organizers have a big party with hot chocolate and burritos. Now, if that’s not reason enough to run, I don’t know what is! Speaking of burritos, there is actually an awesome little Mexican Restaurant in Leadville that has really good burritos. I’ll be posting more about that later. ;)